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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cats take their cues from you

Today I saw this article on NPR, and thought I should share it here:

Mind Your Moods, Cat Owners

People have long known that dogs look to their owners -- as their trusted leaders -- for cues about how to respond to something they're uncertain about.  I know from experience that horses do this too.  Now we know definitively (meaning they finally did a study to tell the scientists what the cat owners already know) that cats do the same thing.

This is interesting for all cat owners, of course, but I wonder if it could be specifically applied in the case of treating fatty liver disease.  If you make sure you're not sending a message with your actions and emotions that their treatment is a scary or horrible thing, will they handle it better?  If you are optimistic about their chances, will they be less likely to be depressed or uninterested in trying?

I am absolutely not saying it's someone's fault if their cat doesn't recover, because positive thinking can't overcome serious medical problems, no matter what the gurus and their books like to tell you.  However can you help your cat get through the ordeal by being positive about the whole thing?  I think it's worth a shot!



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