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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Monday, November 10, 2014

Help Edward fight hepatic lipidosis and pancreatitis

I just found out that a friend of a friend has a cat with fatty liver disease, brought on by pancreatitis.  Edward has been given a feeding tube and an IV, and is currently hospitalized for his care.  As all of us who have dealt with feline hepatic lipidosis know, it's expensive enough to treat when you have them home with you; having to hospitalize your cat gets even more expensive.

If you'd like to help a cat survive fatty liver disease, Edward's owners have set up a page to try to raise funds to pay for his care.

Help Edward fight fatty liver disease

If you've found this page, chances are you know how tough it is to go through this.  Going through it while short on funds has got to be even harder!  That's why I'm posting this link, in memory of Cleo (who died for completely different reasons, years after she made a complete recovery from feline hepatic lipidosis) and what she and I went through together.



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