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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The holidays can be such a difficult time when you have a cat sick with fatty liver disease, a.k.a. feline hepatic lipidosis. I know firsthand, as Cleo was sick with it at Thanksgiving four years ago. It was the hardest Thanksgiving of my life.

This year, we're spending Christmas with another sick cat. My other cat, Prince, hasn't been eating, so I've been having to force feed him. Luckily, he was a fairly skinny fellow to begin with, which keeps him from being at much risk for fatty liver syndrome. That also means, however, that he was a lot closer to starving to death by the time we noticed he'd dropped to a mere five pounds.

After two visits to the vet last week, he went in this Wednesday to have two bad teeth removed and the rest cleaned. He's still sore from the surgery, so we have yet to find out whether it will fix his problem and allow him to start eating again.

I know it's hard to be happy during the holidays when you are worrying about your cat, but try to be thankful that your cat is still with you at all. This means you caught it in time and, with force feeding and persistence, have a good chance at getting him or her well again!



  • At December 30, 2010 at 4:24 PM , Blogger pamelab said...

    My cat Renegade had lost a little weight (noticeable mid-late October). I took him to the vet and as his bloodwork was good they did a dental-removed 4 teeth. He had an appetite when he got home, but over 2 months this has diminished to almost nothing. I've been syringe feeding him, and he was hanging in there, but obviously not eating enough and I've been bumping it up every week. So far he'd been good at keeping down the equivalent of 2 cans of wellness mixed with fortiflora and catsure, but this week he's started throwing up-undigested food. He looks horrible right now (although I thought he looked better this morning) and has thrown up twice today-once at 1pm and once between 4:15 and 5:30. I know he needs something like 12 ounces of food to regain weight, but the vomiting makes me afraid to give him much. How much should I be feeding him? I'm sure his anorexia when he couldn't eat dry food after the dental surgery has put him off dry food and he doesn't like wet food at all. I know I read somewhere here that vomiting is normal, but what do you do? I'm afraid if I miss a feeding that will be the end of him (but I'm also afraid the vomiting will be the end of him as well). The catsure seems to be making him drink-he's drinking quite a bit and peeing normally (if copiously) and as of last night his stools were normal


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