Cleo's Progress

One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fatty liver disease: Don't lose hope

One recurring theme I see in readers' emails to me is that they are freaking out, sick with worry, etc.

Reader, if your cat has fatty liver disease (a.k.a. feline hepatic lipidosis), don't lose hope!

Fatty liver disease is extremely curable. The key is getting enough high-protein food into your cat every day. There is room for error, though: I think most of the time I only got three-fourths of Cleo's quota into her every day, and she still recovered just fine!

Nursing a cat back to health from feline hepatic lipidosis can be heart breaking. The liver failure causes nausea, which makes them throw up a lot. It's natural to get upset when this happens and wonder if they'll ever get better. But don't lose hope! Feed as many small meals as you can to try to avoid vomiting, but don't worry about it too much when it happens. Cleo threw up on a daily basis, and she still recovered!

As I'm trying to show with my series of success stories, this isn't just Cleo's story. Tons of cats and their owners survived fatty liver disease. Your cat can too. Just hang in there!