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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Monday, June 9, 2008

Do I need to cut dry cat food out of Cleo's diet?

I mentioned the other day that Cleo is eating dry cat food again. However, I'm wondering if I need to cut it out of her diet.

Back when all Cleo ate was dry cat food, she had chronically greasy fur on her back, right at the base of her tail. She also sometimes got bad mats there. Since she's been on just wet cat food for the past couple of months, starting when I thought she was getting feline hepatic lipidosis again, her fur has become softer and healthier, and has completely lost that greasy spot in the back.

Now that she is starting to eat a little dry food here and there, she is not only gaining weight again, but her fur is also getting greasy again. I am thinking of getting rid of her dry food entirely (although I'll keep my other cat, Prince, on his kitten chow).



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