Cleo's Progress

One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cleo is eating a normal amount!

I recently became concerned that Cleo was developing hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver, again. She had hepatic lipidosis once before, and I had to force feed her to get her well again — but you can read about all that in the first two months of archives on this blog.

Anyway, I decided that I had averted a full-blown case of fatty liver almost a week ago. I don't know what caused her to stop eating, but she lost a lot of weight very quickly, and I do think she would have gotten sick again if I hadn't noticed the signs earlier this time.

Thankfully, I got her eating again almost right away, but she still wasn't eating the normal amount for a cat her size until the last day or two. Now she is happily going through the full recommended amount listed on the back of the can, and would probably overeat if I allowed her to.

I'm thinking I'll keep her on canned cat food for now. I've never been a big fan of it, because I've been told (by vets) that it rots their teeth, but right now bad teeth are better than liver failure. Until I know what caused Cleo to stop eating her dry food and nearly develop feline hepatic lipidosis again, I'm keeping her on the food I know she'll eat.


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