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Monday, December 5, 2005

Getting better...

Despite all the various signs of improvement that she shows, Cleo is still different in many ways. She is still much more compliant than she ever was before. For instance, the very fact that I can bring her to bed with me, put her under the covers, and she stays — that's a big difference. Cleo didn't used to stay anywhere you'd put her, like she had to make a point of her independence. Also, it used to be that when I'd pick her up she would hold herself as rigidly as possible, so that she was dead weight and you simply couldn’t miss the fact that she didn't like being picked up. Now, however, when I gather her up in my arms, she leans into me. It's sweet and cuddly, but so unlike her that it's kind of scary.

However, she still seems to be doing much better. This afternoon I put her on the bed with me as I was working on homework, but this time on top of the covers. She hissed at the dog a couple of times, but she didn't try to run or hide — just stayed on the bed. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad sign. I'm hoping that means that she is either viewing the dog as less threatening, or that she knows I won't let the dog get her, or that she considers herself safe on the bed (where the dog isn’t allowed).

This evening Cleo spent another considerable block of time on the bed with me as I continued to work on homework. Although she always seems rather stiff and uneasy when I first put her there, she eventually settles in, curling up to sleep.

The day has gone pretty smoothly. Cleo hasn’t thrown up a meal in a while now — I can't recall the last time, actually. Possibly a week since the last rejected meal. However, I have noticed her gag and visibly struggle to not vomit, so apparently the nausea still plagues her from time to time. With the yogurt success in mind, I tried to interest her in some tuna tonight, but she only sniffed it, so apparently she’s not consistently feeling well enough for treats.

Well, it's late, so I will feed Cleo one more time (making a full can again for today) and go to bed.



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