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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Sunday, December 4, 2005

First treat since getting feline fatty liver disease

This morning when I woke up and went to the study to check on Cleo, I found her sitting at the gate, waiting for me! Apparently she liked all the attention she got yesterday, and was wanting some more. The dog was outside, so I lifted Cleo over the baby gate (I still don't think she's strong enough to jump it) and let her have the run of the house for a little bit. She strutted around with some of her old attitude, but apparently the excitement overcame her, and she dry heaved until she threw up a miniscule amount of mucus. By that time the dog was anxious to come inside, so I lifted Cleo back over the gate into "her" room, and we let the dog back in. Before I gave Cleo breakfast, though, I brought her into bed with me for about an hour while I worked on homework.

I'm thinking of moving Cleo's gate to the bedroom doorway, at least at night; I had her in bed with us for a little while last night, and she seemed surprised and disappointed when I woke her to take her back to the study. However, I’m concerned that she'll start hiding under the bed again; it's really hard to get her out from under there, and I don't relish the thought of dragging her out 4 to 5 times a day to feed and water her.

Recovering from feline fatty liver disease

Another of Cleo's accomplishments for the day: Cleo ate some yogurt! I had some yogurt and gave her the lid, and she purred as she licked it clean. Really, I haven't seen her eat it so fast before! She wouldn't lick the container when I was done, though, so I gave it to Emma, who also loves yogurt.

Emma likes yogurt too
It is also encouraging that Cleo seems to be able to somewhat control her nausea now. While I was sitting with her after a feeding earlier today, she gagged a couple of times, but each time she seemed to fight it back. She succeeded in keeping down her meal, even though it was larger than her usual quarter can.

All told, Cleo seems to be doing much better now, and each day she shows improvement in so many little ways.



  • At January 9, 2010 at 3:37 AM , Blogger Your said...

    I reversed my 10 year old cat's fatty liver disease in five weeks. Two vets told recommended I put her down. And several times I was going to, but then she'd do something to make me think she had some fight in her. With dedication, lots of care, patience and 5 weeks of tube feeding her filtered water and Hill's L/D prescription diet every few hours, I reversed my cat's fatty liver disease. She was an 18 lb cat who lost 7 lbs due to the disease and now that she is healthy again, the weight loss was sort of a blessing in disguise because she can run now. I never seen her run in her life. She's so cute, I love her. If you have the time, dedication and patience to give to your cat & your cat doesn't look to be in too much pain, I say go for it! Give your cat another chance at life.

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