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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Friday, December 2, 2005

Cleo's fatty liver seems to be improving

Cleo's visit to the vet today went smoothly. I didn't give her any breakfast beforehand, as she threw up a small hairball and some liquid right before I was planning on feeding her; as a result, her weight was down to 8.6 pounds (from last visit's 8.8 pounds, but that was after a meal).

Cleo shows that she is feeling better in funny little ways. She has always hated going anywhere in the car, and she now hates the vet as well. With this as motivation, she has developed a new strategy for resisting: instead of forcefully resisting when I try to put her in her carrier, she goes in quickly and turns around, so that by the time her tail is all the way in her head is on its way out again before I can get the door shut.

She acted a little more alert at the vet's office, too. In the waiting room, I opened the door of her carrier, and she peeked out until the receptionist came out to show us to an exam room. (She doesn't trust anyone in the office, so she ducked back into her carrier as soon as the receptionist appeared.) She also seemed relatively relaxed in the exam room, and sat on the table while I pet her until the vet came in. And then, once again, she disappeared.

The vet thinks Cleo is doing a little better. He said her urine is no longer discolored — the first time I had a urine analysis done, it was a brownish color from her liver failure, and the next time it was orangey, but now it's becoming a normal yellow color. He also said that her urine was a normal concentration, so giving her fluids every other night is working out fine. The vet was also pleased that she is cleaning herself more frequently now, and he thought she might look a little less yellow than she has looked before.

As I expected, I only got 1/4 of a can of food into Cleo today. Tomorrow I'll aim for a full can again. I’ve been force-feeding her for several weeks now, so hopefully in a few more weeks she’ll be well enough to eat on her own. I've been expecting anywhere from a month to two months of force-feeding her, but it may be that I need to start the count from when I started force-feeding her a normal amount of food each day, which is what she needs to recover. If so, that would be up to two months from last week — which means it could still be a while. Only time will tell, I guess...

I took some pictures of Cleo tonight, but I’ll post them another time — it's getting really late now, and I'm heading off to bed.



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