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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cleo's castle and other news

There is no doubt in my mind now that Cleo is better — she is back to her naughty ways. She has started scratching my rocker in the study... Today I had to take her out to the cat tower in the living room so that she could scratch. So this evening, one of my errands was to pick up a smaller scratching post for the study.

Of course, me being in a pet store is almost as bad as me being in a bookstore. I ended up getting Cleo a cat castle — literally.

Cleo's full recovery from fatty liver disease

At first she was a little wary of it, and took her time checking it out.

Cleo's full recovery from fatty liver disease

But then I got out the catnip. As I was sprinkling it in the top, Cleo jumped up there and batted at my hand to make me spill some. I sprinkled some inside, too, which helped Cleo to get acquainted.

Cleo's full recovery from fatty liver disease

I put the castle underneath the study window so that she can sit on top and watch out the window. She seems pretty pleased with the arrangement, as you can tell.

Cleo's full recovery from fatty liver disease

She was also pretty darn high by this time.

This afternoon while we ran errands, Michael and I left Cleo out, sitting on the cat tower. She was still there when we got home, and probably hadn't moved much, but we are hoping to reintroduce her to the household gradually. She seems to be dealing with the dog much better now, although that may be because Emma isn't as pushy about checking her out — I guess over a month of watching her in the study behind the baby gate, like a fish in a fish bowl, more or less satisfied her curiosity.



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