Cleo's Progress

One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Small improvements

Even small improvements cheer me. Although Cleo vomited again tonight, it was several hours after her last meal, and I think she kept most of it. I’m hoping to get 3/4 of the can into her again today.

Cleo spends a lot of time hiding behind my stuffed, antique, grandma-style rocker (below).

My cat sick with hepatic lipidosis

Tonight, in an attempt to lure her out, I bought her several new toys. She seemed particularly excited by the mouse, as she started purring and arching into my hand as I pet her. I think she even played with it for a few minutes before she tired, as the mouse was wet and had a tooth hole when I checked back a little later.

My sick cat and her mouse

Cleo certainly seems to be acting a bit more like herself. Lately, she's been reacting more favorably to attention: instead of only purring when her head was scratched (and growling if any other part of her was touched), she is now arching into full-body petting, like she used to, and lifting her tail quite a bit more. She even talked to me a little tonight, after I gave her the toy: she meowed a few times, and then peeked out from behind the chair when I moved a few feet away.

Cleo peeking out from behind her chair

As I said, the little improvements are so encouraging. Tomorrow, Cleo goes in to the vet for a checkup. (On top of everything else, she’d had a urinary tract infection, and is on antibiotics for it. The vet needs to recheck her urine.) I will, of course, continue to update Cleo's Progress.



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