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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Anti-nausea medication for hepatic lipidosis: Part 2

I am beginning to doubt the usefulness of Cleo's vomit-inhibiting medication. Although she kept everything down on Wednesday, she's thrown up every other day since she started the prescription — twice yesterday. Doesn't really seem any better than it was before she was on the meds.

Cleo kept down the morning dose of her meds, as well as a third of a can of food. This evening, however, she threw up her meds almost immediately, along with a small amount of food and a large amount of stomach acids. (Thankfully it seems that most of her earlier meal had already left her stomach.) I didn't try to give her another pill; I just split her remaining half-can into two smaller meals. So far, she’s kept down both.

I think Cleo is complaining less about her force-feedings. She doesn't start growling or hissing at me when I pick her up — she actually endures it with very little protest now. She growls at me a little when I feed her, but not with as much gusto now, and only when the syringe is in her mouth — between "bites," she's quiet. She forgives me faster now, too — sometimes right after I let her go, she puts her tail in the air and looks over her shoulder, waiting for me to pet her.

I'll tell the vet that the meds don't seem to be working. If she still keeps throwing the pill up, I’ll try splitting each day into four quarter-can meals; perhaps she'll start keeping them down.

I also am hoping that Cleo will start drinking on her own soon. After her final feeding tonight, she kept licking her chops, and it occurred to me that she might be thirsty. I brought her fresh water and put it right in front of her face, and she made motions like she was going to start drinking, but then she gagged a little and turned away. I guess her nausea is still bad enough to keep her from wanting to drink. Yet another night of having to give her fluid injections... That's my least favorite part.



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