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One Cat's Struggle with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Anti-nausea medication for hepatic lipidosis

Cleo's anti-nausea medication has changed my life. Whereas before I had to plan my day around her meals — usually six feedings, spread out evenly throughout the day so that she didn’t get too much at once and throw it all back up — I can now feed her two large meals, 45 minutes after giving her the pill, and two smaller meals. Feeding her also doesn’t take as long, now that I don’t have to worry about her throwing it up if I go too fast. Instead of planning my entire day around feeding Cleo, I now have to plan only a few hours' worth. Perhaps soon I’ll be able to feed her just two meals a day — one after each pill.

Once again, the day has seen improvements. Cleo is more and more active every day. She has apparently been playing with her mouse, as I discovered this evening that one of its ears has been ripped off. And just this morning, when the window in the study was open, Cleo jumped onto the windowsill to look out. It’s so good to see her taking an interest in these things!

Cleo in the window

Cleo also spent some time today washing her face. This is the first time she's cleaned herself (that I know of) in weeks, maybe even more than a month.

I also am pleased to report that I got a full can of food into Cleo today, and (as of yet) she's kept it all down.

Oh, and she also pooped again today! Now that she is getting more food, her turds are getting to be a healthier size and frequency. Amazing, the things that make me happy these days!



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